How to Sell a Stamp Collection


How to Sell a Stamp Collection

Learn how to correctly value a stamp collection, regardless of whether you just started collecting or have been doing so for years.

How to Sell a Stamp Collection

You’ve found the best place to discover how to sell a stamp collection. If you collect stamps, you probably know what you have and how much it is worth. However, you should seek a stamp evaluation before selling if you inherited a collection or possibly discovered one at an estate sale.

A Note About Modern Postage

A vital fact must be stated before we proceed—the face value of almost all unopened U.S. stamps produced after 1930. Even though 1930 is almost 100 years ago, the stamp collecting and trading community view stamps issued after this time as modern.

After this time, there was a massive increase in postage manufacturing. Millions of extra postage stamps were produced by the Post Office for stamp collectors.

How to Sell a Stamp Collection

The world’s most popular hobby was stamp collecting. President Franklin D. Roosevelt actually enjoyed collecting postage stamps. The government has no choice but to produce more stamps to encourage the pastime and boost postal service earnings.

You can sell your stamp collection to a postage buying agency if most of your collection consists of stamps issued between 1935 and the present. Depending on the face value of your collection, they will pay you for it.

👉 There are a few ways to determine whether they date from after 1930.

  • The dates they were issued are frequently displayed on the album pages if they are in a stamp album.
  • Second, if the stamps contain more than one colour, they were probably printed after 1930 if they are full colour. Before that, stamps were typically produced in a single colour.
  • Finally, you might be able to date the stamps if you are the collector or if you know the collector. For instance, they would be contemporary if you knew that your grandma purchased numerous stamps from the Post Office.

Know Your Stamp Collection’s Condition

The state of your stamps must be evaluated as the first step in understanding how to value a stamp collection. Your stamps will have a decreased value if they have any damage of any kind.

Additionally, mounting any mint stamps could have diminished the overall calibre of your collection.

The mounting procedure causes mint stamps to lose at least half their value instantly. Therefore, it would be advisable for you to hold off mounting any of your mint stamps.

Additionally, check the gum on your stamps. Unless your stamp is an ancient, vintage one, its value is practically nonexistent if the glue is missing or broken.

How to Sell a Stamp Collection

Any stamp that has perforation tooth damage, an image that isn’t properly centred, wrinkles, dirt, or otherwise looks worn out will lose a significant amount of value.

Additionally, you are doing the collection a disservice if the stamp collection you are trying to sell is disorganised, disorganised, and out of order. To secure a respectable return, now would be the time to reorganise your collection.

We’ll address the idea of a “perfect stamp” once we’ve covered how to stamp damage can affect the overall worth of your collection.

What is a Perfect Stamp?

While some of the stamps you hold may have been harmed or mishandled, if your collection is sizable and well-kept, chances are you also have a few rare stamps thrown in.

A “perfect” stamp will always be the most valuable regarding stamps with worth. The value of “perfect” stamps can even exceed their list price due to their high demand.

So, how do you determine if you have a perfect stamp? Look at your stamp’s design in detail first. It should be in the middle. The stamp must also have wide borders and recently perforated teeth that are crisp and clean.

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This stamp’s colours ought to pop (just like they did the day they were printed). Perfect gum matches perfect stamps. The stamp shouldn’t have altered the design if it had been used.

You might have a collection with some worth if you inherited your stamps from someone who took the time to care for, preserve, and organise the collection.

However, you should be wary if you acquire a collection that lacks organisation and looks hastily put together. Keep in mind that someone who takes more time to organise their stamp collection will likely have better standards for both maintenance and purchase.

Where Can I Sell My Stamp Collection?

It’s time to start the stamp selling process now that you know what to look for when valuing your collection. Before preparing to sell your stamps, you must obtain a qualified assessment. The next step is choosing where to sell your stamps.

Get a Professional Appraisal

Getting a professional appraisal is the first step in the process of selling your stamp collection.

A member of the American Stamp Dealers Association is someone you should hire since they are qualified professionals who follow a strict Code of Conduct.

The price they assign to your stamps should be consistent throughout the market. The quality of your collection and the current market price will be considered when an ASDA estimates the value of your stamp collection.

Depending on the size of your collection and the appraisers who are willing to work for you, you might wish to obtain a few separate valuations.

Most appraisers will waive their appraisal fees if you decide to sell the collection or consign it (shortly after it has been valued), so you’ll start off with some money in your pocket.

Create an Inventory

Ask your appraiser’s help in making an inventory of your stamp collection even if you decide not to sell your appraised stamps to them.

Yes, you can always make the list of your stamps by yourself if you are well-versed in stamps. Use at least one current stamp catalogue to determine the catalogue value for each stamp as you prepare your inventory.

Selling Your Stamps

It’s time to sell your stamps after you’ve acquired an appraisal and made an inventory.

You can sell your logos to a dealer directly, cosign with a dealer, consign with an auction house, or sell them all together to an auction house, among other alternatives. Below, we’ll go over each of these choices in more detail.

How to Sell a Stamp Collection

👉 Direct Sale to a Stamp Dealer:  Sales to stamp dealers directly would be your first choice. If you want to do this, you won’t have to pay any assessment costs, and you’ll receive a certain amount of cash immediately for your stamps.

👉 Consignment to a Stamp Dealer :  Another choice if you’re attempting to decide where to sell your stamp collection is to have a stamp dealer put the stamps up for consignment.

Following this, you and the stamp dealer will decide on a minimum price and some payout conditions.

It’s a good idea to snap images of the stamps in your collection, especially the ones with substantial worth, since you’ll leave them with the dealer.

Include those images with your receipt, and have an agreement formed (in writing) that specifies the payout amount and time frame.

👉 Consignment to an Auction House :  Consider consigning your stamps to an auction house if you want to receive the most excellent price for them and are willing to be a little more patient when selling your stamps.

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A portion of your sales price will be included in the charge you’ll pay to the auction house.

Even though it can take a while, you should be able to sell your collection for the most money. Additionally, the auction company might provide you with a cash advance if your group is valuable and consigned while being sold.

👉 Outright Sale to an Auction House :  The procedure is the same if you choose to sell your stamp collection outright to an auction house as it is if you decide to sell it outright to a dealer.

You will, however, first have the auction house appraise the collection’s worth before selling it to them and receiving your appraisal free of charge.

👉 Go to a Stamp Show :  Additionally, you can take your collection to a local stamp exhibition. You can promote your stamp collection and try to get direct offers during the show.

What Sales Option is the Best?

You might be looking at which sales options are significantly superior to the others as you research how to sell your stamp collection. Sadly, there is no right or incorrect response because it all depends on the circumstances.

These are the primary aspects worth considering, depending on how much effort you’re willing to put in and your patience.

As always, we advise you to research the standing and financial stability of any stamp dealer or auction house you intend to utilise.

Be sure to request references from the stamp dealer or the auction house. You should also contact the American Stamp Dealers Association as an extra precaution to find out if the dealer or auction house is a member of a good standing.

The ASDA sign will typically be displayed in the ads of ASDA members. You can locate a dealer or auction house with a solid reputation by checking to see if the dealer or auction house is in good standing with the ASDA.

Wrapping Up

Selling your stamp collection might be a terrific way to gain some significant cash. Stamps are an excellent long-term investment.

Fortunately, it’s simpler than most people think to sell a stamp collection and profit from it.

Please don’t hesitate to post your collection immediately because you have all the knowledge you need to sell it and get the best price.

Stamp Collection – FAQ


Are stamp collections worth any money?

Yes is the quickest response to this. Stamp collections may be worth something. Not all stamp collections will have a high monetary value. However, particular stamps in specific groups may indicate that the matter is more than you might anticipate.

How much can you sell a stamp collection for?

A stamp auction company is another option for buying your collection. However, their fees range from 40 to 50 per cent of the selling price. In contrast, many stamp dealers would consider 20–30% of the sale price as profit. Depending on how quickly they can resell the product, some may even accept 10%.

Who will buy my old stamp collection?

If you are aware that you possess rare stamps, you can sell them in several ways:

  • Local Dealer: Dealers deal with both individual stamps and collections.
  • Working with a mail order dealer is an option if you’re not going local.
  • Circuit Sales, American Philatelic Society.
  • Auctioneer’s House.

Is stamp collecting a dying hobby?

Philately is ultimately neither dead nor dying. Instead, it is evolving daily regarding the individuals who seek it and how it is done. Yes, you will get back from it what you decide to put into it—wishing you luck and a friendly gathering!

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Why have stamps lost their value?

Although billionaires continue to trophy hunt scarce examples, the value of most stamps has fallen due to declining demand. The market has even collapsed due to the suspension of public auctions in the wake of a pandemic.

What is the current stamp value?

First-class Forever stamps now cost 60 cents, a 3.4 percent increase from the previous price of 58 cents. A first-class stamp is required to mail a letter weighing one ounce. The price for an extra ounce has increased from 20 cents to 24 cents.

How do I know if my stamps are valuable?

You can assess the stamp’s worth more accurately once you’ve identified it. Both the Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue and the Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps include images and price estimates, arranged by date of release. Price guides are another option, typically offered in philatelic stores.

How can I Sell my stamps?

If your stamps have a high enough potential commercial worth, we can also sell them in one of our open auctions. We will market and spread awareness of your stamps among our extensive network of stamp enthusiasts.

Contact us immediately to explore the prospective sale of your stamp collection. We must see your collection to make our best offer!

What to do with your old stamp collection?

If you purchased a stamp collection at an auction and would wish to sell it, that is possible. Maybe you’re a collector yourself and have decided to sell some items from your collection, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to start a collection and need to raise money for it.

Can you make money from your stamp collection?

The collectors could profit handsomely if one of these diamonds is ever discovered. There are a few ways to unload your collection for a profit, though, if you’re trying to sell it because you’ve lost interest in stamps or are looking to sell your collection as a whole.

How can we help you sell your Philatelic Collection?

Everything philatelic, from a comprehensive collection that fills a room to a single rare stamp, can be sold with our assistance, from medal-winning display collections and global rarities to primary stamp inheritances. You may depend on our stamp experts to respond to your inquiry directly, sincerely, and privately.

How many dealers should check stamps?

Ask at least two separate dealers to inspect them, and then confirm what they say by consulting stamp reference books and online stamp collector forums.

How to accept an offer from a seller?

Accepting a proposal is simple. Simply sign an instruction form, and a check will be sent as soon as it is received.

What is the PTS stamp trade?

The Philatelic Traders Society (PTS) is frequently the first place newcomers go when they have questions. The PTS does not value stamps itself because it is a trade organization for stamp dealers. Still, its members may be able to assist, frequently for a fee at their discretion.

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