How to Remove a Stamp from an Envelope


How to Remove a Stamp from an Envelope

How to Remove a Stamp from an Envelope :- As a stamp collector, one of the great pleasures of the hobby / industry is that stamps are everywhere !

How to Remove a Stamp from an Envelope

To consider how much mail arrives at our door directly throughout the year, for better or worse, is absurd. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just getting started, it’s always a good idea to understand how to remove a used stamp from an envelope correctly.

Getting Started

It’s crucial to remember that merely tearing the stamp off is never a good idea (as this can damage the logo). It may also be wise to consider the circumstances before deciding whether it is better to keep the stamp on the envelope for value or whether it is even desirable to remove it.

If you choose to remove it, start cutting around the logo with scissors. Leave a quarter inch of the envelope uncovered on all sides of the stamp.

How to Remove a Stamp if the Stamp Is Traditional

Simple warm water may be the best course of action if an envelope has a non-self-adhesive stamp on it. You will need:

  • Tweezers
  • Paper towels
  • A bowl of slightly warm water
  • A drying rack (or flat surface)
  • Scissors

Cut away a portion of the envelope so that there is only an inch or so of paper remaining around the stamps before beginning to remove it. It is sufficient to cut off the corner of the envelope, but make sure to allow some room for the symbols.How to Remove a Stamp from an Envelope

After that, submerge the paper with the stamps in a bowl of warm water for at least ten or more minutes while carefully inspecting it to ensure that the colors have not been tampered with.

You’ll notice that the stamps start to curl away from the paper after at least ten minutes. The symbols will typically float free of the form. Sometimes it may be necessary to very gently peel the paper away from the stamp using tweezers or your fingers. Never use force, as this could cause the wet logo to rip.

Let the stamps air dry on paper towels, facing down, after removing them from the paper. Let them dry on a drying rack or a flat surface in a dry atmosphere until they are mostly dry. This may require up to a day.

They may be slightly curved at this time. Before adding them to your collection, you can lay them flat for at least three weeks between the pages of a thick book.

How to Safely Remove Self-Adhesive Stamps from Envelopes

Self-adhesive stamps, often known as the peel-and-stick stamps that are widely used in many nations today (including the US), can be a little more challenging to remove with water.

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Bestine can streamline the procedure with the use of these stamps. Most craft and art supply stores carry the solvent bestine.

If you wish to remove a stamp from an envelope, start by trimming away the extra paper so you can see the logo and a few more inches of paper.

Apply a few drops of Bestine with an eyedropper to the area on the back of the envelope that contains the stamp. The front of the logo should not have the Bestine applied.

It would help if you moved swiftly because Bestine dries immediately after application. Roll the portion of the envelope with the stamp on it so that the logo faces you and the edges curl away from the seal.

Use your fingers or tweezers to slowly and carefully pull the remaining stamp portion off the paper once the logo’s edges have curled up.

Place the stamp on a piece of paper towel with the face down. After 20 minutes, softly sprinkle some talc on the stamp’s back.

This step is necessary to prevent the logo from sticking to other surfaces because the Bestine will not dissolve the glue on the back of the stamp.

What’s Next After Trimming the Paper?

You’ll need to Soak the stamp in warm water to get it out of the envelope. The same method can be used to remove self-adhesive stamps, but it might take a little longer.

You might not want to remove the logo from a brightly coloured envelope (like the red and green ones we usually see around the holidays), as the dye will probably leak into the water and discolour the stamp.

Sort Before You Soak

It is ideal for arranging any stamps before soaking them, much like you would put a load of laundry. Sort like hues together, keeping light and dark shades apart. Take special care to remove any stamps with holographic images since these can flake and peel off.

Keeping Watch & Using Clean Water

You should constantly keep a close check on your stamps while they are soaking. They might quickly decompose and turn to a pulp if left in the water for an extended period. It is preferable to wait if you think you won’t have enough time to complete all the stamps at once. Only begin the soaking process when you have the time to do it properly.

Use fresh water for each bunch of stamps if you’re removing them in groups (if you grouped your stamps by color, for example). Remove the logo from the water as it begins to float to the surface, give it a quick rinse, and then let it dry naturally on a mat or towel.

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Put your stamp on some blotting paper and wrap it in plastic if it begins to curl. Place the logo inside the book, then layer on other books. Your stamp must be extremely flat and free of creases and curling by the time it has dried.

Stubborn Stamps

If at any point your Stamp is difficult to remove off the envelope, place it in the water and let it soak there until it comes off. Hinge snags on the rear of the stamp can also be eliminated by soaking.

How to Remove a Stamp from an Envelope-FAQ


Can you peel off a stamp and reuse it?

Because stamps are typically sent with mail, it is possible to reuse a logo by taking it off a piece of mail that has been received and applying it to another part of the mail that needs to be sent. It is forbidden to reuse used stamps, whether they have been cancelled or not, in several nations, including the US.

How do you remove a stamp from an envelope in the microwave?

METHOD 1 – Microwave

Put a few drops of water on the stamp and envelope together, then microwave for 30-45 seconds. The logo will be separate from the paper.

Should I remove stamps from envelopes?

At this point, you cannot remove a postage stamp from an envelope. The value of the philatelic item can be lost with just one careless movement. Follow the same steps to pile a postage stamp from a postcard.

How do you remove ink from postage stamps?

Red Ballpoint Ink Or Stamp Pad

Thirty minutes should be spent soaking in a solution of 1 quart warm water, 1/2 teaspoon liquid dishwashing soap, and one tablespoon ammonia. Use water to rinse. Spend an hour soaking in a mixture of 1 quart of warm water and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Use water to flush.

How do you remove old stamps from paper?

Water from a shallow dish should be 2 to 3 cm deep. Place the stamp face up on the water’s surface. Wait for 5 to 60 minutes until the stamp’s border seems wet, then carefully remove it with tongs. To remove the paper from the logo, place it face down on some paper towels and use tongs.

How do you get a stamp off your hand?

Consider applying alcohol to a cotton pad. You can also try nail polish or makeup remover if that doesn’t work. To get the ink off the impression area, rub it.

What is stamp lift fluid?

Use this fluid to quickly and delicately remove stamps from hinges and backing paper and free stuck-together sheets and blocks from backing paper. SuperSafe Stamplift Fluid is safe for all logos while preserving most of the original gum.

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How do you get ink off your hands without rubbing alcohol?

Hairspray, acetone nail polish remover, or hand sanitiser are additional options. In a pinch, even white vinegar will do. The ink stain can also be removed by rubbing an oil, such as olive oil, baby oil, or coconut oil, over it and then blotting it with a paper towel.

How do you get ink out?

Apply hand sanitiser, hairspray, or rubbing alcohol on the stain to thin it down and make it simpler to wash out. These solvents assist in removing the majority of ink stains; however, keep in mind to check the stained item’s colourfastness beforehand, as they can also damage fabric dyes.

How long does it take to remove a stamp?

Even though it seems complicated, taking stamps out is not that difficult. The logo can be simply taken off of a package or envelope. Symbols can be taken out of the envelope in a matter of minutes.

How to clean postage stamps after sealing?

Postage goods absorb a lot of water when soaking. Therefore, excess dab water from the stamps is crucial with a paper towel. Never wipe a postage stamp because doing so could cause the design to disappear. Place the symbols on a piece of newspaper to absorb additional water.

How long does it take to soak stamps in water?

The things affixed to the part of the envelope should be submerged in water and allowed to float there for a while. Such a treatment can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

How to check if a stamp is dry?

Hold the stamp between your thumb and index finger and feel for any wetness to determine whether it is dry.

Can you put a stamp on plastic?

The stamp can also be applied to clear plastic film, where it can dry. You can cut the plastic film next to the logo’s edges since it will stick to it. In this manner, the stamp’s sticky back won’t be an issue for you, and you may readily examine both its front and back.

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