How Much is a Postage Stamp


How Much is a Postage Stamp 

Price of Postage Stamps: Initialized as letters without stamps before later changing into pre-paid letters that were sent by mail offices, private transporters, and postal services.

US postage stamps represent the final stage where one can pay for postage using the adhesive stamps that are placed on mail that bear evidence that the letter was sent.

Although the letters have been around for quite a while the first postage stamps in the US were created in the year 1847…

The cost of the first stamp for postage in the US cost 5 cents when the letter is less than half an ounce and is delivered less than 300 miles. For deliveries that were further and heavier weights, postal charges were paid for with 10-cent stamps.

The first time postage stamps were originally used to provide an alternative where the recipient would pay costs of delivery, it was not the person who sent.

Later, however, because of the effectiveness of the Post Offices, by 1851, the cost of postage stamps was reduced to 3 cents which lasted for a long duration.

From the moment of their first introduction, postage stamps used in the US have been advancing with a variety of stamps for postage available at different costs, based on the weight of the package and distance.

Current Postage Rates 2018

The weight of your mail, the form, and the type of class you’re sending it are a number of variables that determine the cost of US Postage Stamps.

There are discounts offered by US postal service on specific products, for instance, when you buy on online websites, for instance.

The table below provides the most current rates for postage starting on January 21st, 2018 for your quick review.

Type of Mail Postage Rate
Flat First class mail weighing 1oz $1.00
For every additional ounce on Flat first class mail (above 1oz) $0.21
Retail/post office rate on first-class mail letter for 1oz $0.50
Rate of metered mail for first-class mail letter (1oz) $0.47
For every additional ounce on the first-class mail letter (above 1oz) $0.21
First-class mail international letter $1.15
Postcards $0.35
For 1lbs priority mail (1&2 zones) $6.35 and above
Express priority mail for 1lb covering 1&2 zones $21.98 and above
Priority mail to Canada for 1lb (international) $31.35 and above
Priority mail for 1lb to other international countries $38.24 and above
Express international priority mail weighing 0.5lb zone 1 $40.38 and above
Packaging service first class weighing between 1oz and 6oz $2.66
International packaging service first class for 1oz (Group 1) $15.20 and above
Media mail weighing from 1lb (1&2 zones) $2.66
Parcel post and standard post are currently known as Retail ground for zones 1&2, from 1lb $6.70 and above
Parcel select ground for 1lb (1&2 zones) $6.55 and above


In addition to the above in addition, there are other services such as assurance, mail certification, and USPS tracking, which customers can benefit from USPS.

The prices of these services at the time of the revision on January 21 day of the year 2018, are the following.

Type of service Postage Rate
Intercepting package $13.45
Confirmation of adult signature $6.10
Confirmation of signature $3.00
Mailing certificate $1.40
COD (Collect on delivery) $7.50 and above
Certified mail $3.45
Registered mailing $11.90 and above
Return receipt for merchandise $4.20
Electronic return receipt $1.50
Return receipt $2.75
Restricted Delivery $5.05


The notice of non-delivery is no longer in effect. Additionally, the USPS electronic tracking of Priority mail (including express) media mails first class packages, and parcel select ground are available at no cost.

Postage Stamp Rates in 2017 (For Comparison with Current Year)

Each year, each year, the US post office (USPS) proposes changes in the rates of its postal and shipping services to keep up with the rising costs and demands of the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC).

The PRC will then hold a hearing on the rate increases and then approves them in the manner it deems appropriate.

In 2017 the USPS suggested changes to its shipping and mailing services. It is important to note in this regard that there were any changes made to the First Class international parcel services, prioritization of International and priority international mails (including Express Priority International Mails).

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These were updated in 2016 and resulted in an increase of almost 8 percent for priority postal rates.

In 2017 the rate increase was proposed for priority mail and retail priority with a slight increase of around 3.3%-3.9 percent expected for both.

The rates have been revised relative to the 2016 rates for postage Post-approval, effective beginning 22 22 January 2017 to the rate adjustment in January 2018 is in the following order:

  • 1 Oz’s first-class mail price was increased by $0.47 from $0.47 to $0.49. There will be no changes to the cost for additional ounces, however, and will remain to be $0.21 for each additional 1 ounce.
  • The cost of Metered Mail was cut from $0.465 to $0.46 from $0.465
  • First-class mail with a weight of 1 ounce in a flat and larger envelope raised by $0.94 to $0.98 without affecting the cost per the additional one ounce (will remain at $0.21 for every additional ounce).
  • It was not changed to the price for first-class mail letters to international destinations, and also on postcards for postage.
  • Priority mail and express mail increased to $21.18 plus $5.95 and more.
  • First-Class Package service was priced up by $0.01 and media mail received the addition of $0.02 in price.

Postage Stamp Rates in 2018

As opposed to the year before in 2018, the year of 2018 saw changes or revisions in both cost of shipping and the postal rates at USPS and at both the national and international levels.

With the exception of extra ounces of weight and additional ounces, there are not any postage rates that are unchanged from the previous year. A summary of these changes is given below:

  • 1 one ounce of first-class mail cost was increased from $0.49 to $0.50 but there was no change to the cost for any additional 1 oz (to be at $0.21 per one oz).
  • The cost for a metered mail has also gone up between $0.46 to $0.47
  • First-class mail in larger or flat envelopes of 1 oz will cost $1.00 without any change to the cost of an additional 1 oz (to be charged with $0.21).
  • Even postcards will be able to see an increase of $0.01 up to $0.35.
  • Priority mail (domestic shipping that includes express) was able to increase its price by 3.9 percent, and the price was $21.98 for priority express mail and $6.55 for priority mail.
  • The price for the first class package services now begins at $2.66 almost a 3.9 percent increase.
  • The cost of parcel-select ground has increased by around 4.9 percent with the current base price at $6.55.
  • $2.66 is the current rate for mailers to the media this year, which is up 3.9 percent over last year’s.

International shipping costs were also revised by around 3.9 percent for every area this year. The last time they were revised was in 2016, and have since changed following two years.

  • The price for the international express priority mail starts from $40.38 (earlier, it cost $38.90).
  • The base cost for priority international post, which was $30.16 prior to the change, will now start at $31.35

The price for the base package of premier class International package services which was $9.03 in 2017 will increase to $9.50.

Cost of Forever Postage Stamp

The forever stamps look similar to first-class postage stamps, with the exception that they are able to send letters that weigh 1 ounce or even less. The main distinction is that these stamps don’t contain any denomination.

2007 In 2007, 2007, the United States Postal Service (USPS) came up with permanent stamps.

These stamps will be used to send first-class letters regardless of postal charges. They are therefore not denominational first Class Postage Stamps.

Let’s take an example. Let us suppose that you purchased a perpetual stamp in 2017 when it was sold at $0.49. It is now changed to $0.50 for the year 2018.

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You can make use of the stamp you bought last year to send first-class letters without the additional cost of postage. The cost of postage could differ however, the stamp that is forever can be used at the current rates applicable to first-class stamps for postage.

Forever Stamp costs $0.50. Forever Stamp costs $0.50 and it is ideal for sending letters in bulk, particularly one oz size letters within the US.

It is essential to ensure that your letter’s weight does not exceed 1oz, as any weight over 1oz can result in additional costs for postage. If you don’t affix the additional postage may result in the mail being returned.

There are stamps with higher denominations available from the postal office to mail letters heavier in weight or you can simply apply additional postage when needed.

If your letter weighs more than 2oz, then attaching two forever stamps is sure to be sufficient to cover the cost of postage for your mail.

However, it will cost more because two forever stamps cost $1.00 while affixing a single forever stamp and an additional postage charge of $0.21 will cost just $0.71. If you are writing an item that weighs more than 1oz, use one forever stamp and attach additional postage as needed.

Cost of 1 Postage Stamp

The price of postage stamps is constantly changing. The first postage stamps issued in the US cost about 5 cents and 10 cents, respectively.

The rates are proposed by the USPS each year and evaluated and approved for use by the PRC (Postal Regulatory Commission). The majority of these changes go into effect in January.

The price of the postage stamp remains fixed throughout the entire year, the cost of the postage will be based upon the amount of your mail, its destination, as well as other aspects.

This means that you will need to use several stamps, as needed to ensure that the mail is delivered. The most recent rate for the postage stamp is $0.50 for a 1oz first-class mail letter.

The price of the first-class stamp for all of the categories, which includes the forever stamps is exactly the same. The only difference between the permanent stamps is that you are able to utilize them even if there’s been a change in the rate following the purchase.

The current rate for postage is $0.50 for a first-class mail stamp, you are able to enjoy discounts when you purchase postage stamps through legitimate websites like

For each additional ounce added to the weight, you’ll have to pay extra postage of around $0.21.

Cost of Regular Postage Stamp

As we mentioned previously, the price of postage stamps is reviewed each year, based on a variety of aspects determined by USPS under the supervision of the PRC.

The revenues generated by postage stamps constitute the primary income stream for USPS and therefore the rates are reviewed annually to manage the operational costs.

The price of postage stamps is determined to be a minimum of 1oz in domestic mailing, and 1lb international mailing, with any additional charges, added based on weight.

Regular postage stamps in the US also known as first-class postage stamps are currently at an amount of $0.50 and that’s $0.01 higher than the previous year’s (2017) price.

The price of the first-class stamps that are used for shipping internationally, if it is included under priority mail prior to mail express, priority mail, or first class package services is a starting price that is $40.38, $31.35, and $9.50 for each.

The price will differ based on the mass of the package and the distance to the destination.

There are also metered letters that have postage meters, as well as online postal service providers. The cost of a 1oz letter first class would be $0.47.

If the bigger envelope weighs 1 ounce, the price is determined at $1.00. In all of these instances, each additional ounce is subject to additional postage charges of $0.21.

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There are also postcards available for purchase, which cost approximately $0.35 per one. These are the prices of regular postage stamps as well as simple regular mail that weighs 1 ounce or less.

Additionally, there are priority mailing or package services you can take advantage of whose price is dependent on the country of origin as well as international delivery.

Postage stamps can vary in cost, it’s important to determine the weight of your mail before attaching the postage. This will assure that your mail will not be returned because of insufficient postage.

Cost of First Class Postage Stamp

The first stamps for postage were issued through the post office on July 1st, 1847. The first stamp that was issued was $5 cents and $10 cents. In later times, the cost was cut by 5 cents and 3 cents, which was the standard rate for almost 30 years.

Postage stamps in general do have an expiration date and can be used any time even if they are too old. However, the cost of stamps can change each year, based on the annual changes in the postage rates made by USPS.

USPS suggests changes to rates for the postage based on demands and operational expenses that are then accepted by the Postal Regulation Commission for implementation. The current rate for first-class stamps for postage is $0.50 which is greater by $0.01 than the previous rate.

You can utilize the stamp that was issued before instead of a first-class postage stamp because the forever stamp will be in use for the duration of time.

First-class postage stamps are among the most common as well as widely-used postage. First-class stamps are purchased from Walmart, Banks, an Gas Station, Pharmacies, ATMs, Office Supplies, Grocery Stores, and online stores like Amazon.

It is important to note that First Class Mail Letter rates differ by category. When purchased at a post office prices are around $0.50 and each additional ounce costs $0.21.

There is a discount category available for first-class mail letters, which is the “Metered Mail” category and it includes online postage companies and postage meters that cost around $0.47. First-class mail-in envelopes that are larger or flat and weigh 1oz now cost $1, with additional ounces costing $0.21 each.

The first-class stamps listed here are intended designed for mail to the domestic market. The postage stamps used for international mail will differ based on the amount and the weight that the mailer is carrying.

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How many stamps do I need for a letter?

If you’re sending an ordinary-sized letter (see more details on what is considered standard size below) rectangular envelopes that weigh less than 1 ounce. It will require the postage of 58 cents as well as one “forever” stamp.

Can I put 2 Forever stamps on a letter?

It is possible to use several Forever Stamps if you need to ship a package, or letter that weighs more than one ounce. Every stamp will be worth a first-class rate (not the price you paid for the stamps). Therefore, if you paid $0.49 but the cost increases to $0.50 You can place 2 Forever Stamps on a package for $1.00 amount of postal service.

How many stamps do I need for a book 2022?

A stamp book typically has twenty stamps.
It is a book of stamps wrapped inside a cardboard cover to shield scratches or damage. If you intend to send letters or a parcel often, you might require a book of stamps instead of just one.

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