Does Walmart Sell Postage Stamps


Does Walmart Sell Postage Stamps

Does Walmart Sell Postage Stamps: Yes, Walmart does sell postage stamps in books with 20 stamps or packs of 100 stamps. In the technological world which we live in today, we rarely think about postage stamps, so when something happens and we have to send packages or letters, it’s great that Walmart will be able to assist you.

With its numerous stores, extended hours of operation, and also stocking envelopes boxes, labels tape, and other items you’ll discover that Walmart ranks among the best locations to purchase postage stamps.

Walmart Sell Postage Stamps

Types Of Stamps Sold At Walmart

With the massive size of Walmart stores and the huge quantity of products they carry it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can choose from many options for postage stamps available from Walmart.

For the most basic stamps, the book with 20 Forever stamps at $11 is probably the most ideal choice, but If you’re looking to buy in large quantities (for wedding invites, or something like that) you can go with the flag roll with 100 stamps at $49.99 is actually less expensive than the stamps you can purchase at the postal office.

If you’re looking to give your gift an individual touch, they offer a variety of designs that you can choose from, including flowers and animals, love heart designs cartoons, and a lot more.

They cost a little more than generic ones but for an additional dollar or two, they’ll provide a little extra sophistication.

Where Are The Stamps Located In A Walmart?

Postage stamps are usually not found on shelves at Walmart however, this may vary from store to store. Stamps are generally purchased directly from the cashier when you check out.

It’s usually a good idea to shop for all your needs first, and then purchase stamps when you leave the shop. Everything else is in the store therefore if you’re planning to purchase envelopes, labels and boxes, pens, etc.

You can visit to find them and then pick up some stamps while you’re out.

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If you’re at Walmart Supercenter, the stamps are located in the MoneyCenter section, which is normally close to the entrance of the Supercenter.

It’s important to note that MoneyCenters inside Walmart is open at different times from the other stores, but they typically are open from 8 am until 10 pm. This gives you ample time to get some.

Advantages Of Buying Stamps From Walmart

Number of locations

With over 5000 locations across the United States, there’s a good possibility that there’s at least one Walmart close to your home. The most popular retail stores in the world are located in towns and cities all over the world and they are generally much easier to access in comparison to the local post office.

Extended business hours

When you’re at work full-time or dealing with children, it can be difficult to make it to your local post office during normal hours. If you purchase stamps from Walmart you’ll have more working hours (although they’re no longer available 24 hours a day).

Some extra hours in addition to the normal hours of business is an excellent option for people who have a limited amount of time.

Open on weekends

In addition, you can gain extra time to spend when you buy stamps at Walmart but you also have the option to purchase them on weekends. Post offices are only open on Saturdays and are only on Sundays. So when you’re in need of postage products on a weekend, Walmart is the best place to visit.

Added convenience

If you head to the postal office in order to purchase stamps, you’re making an outing for the purpose of purchasing stamps, whereas you can purchase stamps at Walmart even if you’re already there.

The trips to Walmart are fairly frequent (in our home at the very least) and you could include stamps on your shopping list and buy the ones you need while there.

Easy parking

Walmart stores are awash with parking spaces, so you won’t have to struggle to find a parking space. It’s not always so in the postal office as parking is often limited or you could end up paying for the parking space while you’re at the department store.

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Cost Of Postage Stamps From Walmart

If you buy directly from the retailer, the cost of Forever stamps will be the same price as postal offices. A 20-stamp book costs $11, which works at 55 cents per stamp. A Forever stamp can be used to mail one piece of first-class mail.

If you’re purchasing online, Walmart utilizes a range of third-party sellers to fulfill the transactions. With this comes a slight increase in cost since they have to put their own margins on top.

For 20 stamps on the internet, you’ll be paying about $15. There are occasions in which stamps are less expensive on the internet. As of this writing, you can purchase 100 stamps at Walmart on the internet for less than buying stamps from Post Office.

Can You Buy Postage Stamps From Walmart Online?

Yes, you can buy stamps at or the Walmart online store. There is a slight cost when you purchase online as 3 3rd party sellers process some of the orders.

Although there is a small charge, you have many more choices when it comes to stamps than you can get in stores. You can buy postcard stamps and souvenir stamps as well as huge batches of up 100 stamps.

There is a range of designs that you can choose from to personalize your letters (love heart stamps for wedding invitations.). Some stamps come with free two-day shipping when you purchase an amount.

When you shop online, you can make purchases using the debit card or credit card PayPal as well as Chase Pay. If you aren’t eligible to receive free shipping, you’ll have to consider that in the price, so you’ll probably spend a bit more than when you purchase the stamps at a local store.

Finding The Nearest Walmart

With more than 5000 stores throughout the United States, if you’re an urban or larger city, there’s a good chance that you’ll have one close by. If you’re traveling or aren’t certain where the nearest Walmart is, they’ve developed an online Store locator that will make finding the closest location a breeze.

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If you’re on a mobile phone, you may also utilize Google Maps or any default map on your phone to locate the nearest store, and the directions to get there.

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Stamps aren’t kept on the shelves, so should you wish to purchase one, you must inquire at the counter or in the customer service. If you’re at Walmart Supercenter, then the stamps can be purchased from the MoneyCenter located at the entrance of the Supercenter.

If you’re purchasing the stamps in a shop, then they’re priced the same that the post office charges. If you purchase a book that contains first-class mail Forever stamps, you’ll spend $11. A book of stamps has 20 stamps per stamp, which means this cost is 55 cents per stamp.

If you’re purchasing stamps through Walmart’s online store, then there’s a small surcharge in price and you need to consider costs for shipping if they are not eligible for free shipping.

Is it cheaper to buy stamps at Walmart?

Beyond the cost offered by retailers, Walmart always offers its customers discount rates for stamps, too. If you’re trying to find out whether Walmart offers stamps at a discount, then it’s recommended that you purchase an entire book of stamps.

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