Does Price Chopper Sell Stamps?


Does Price Chopper Sell Stamps?

The Quick Answer is that as of 2022, all Price Chopper locations do sell postage stamps.

YES! One of the many supermarket retailers that sell US postage stamps is Price Chopper. They can be found at the check-out cashiers and the customer service counter.

 Price Chopper Sell Stamps

You cannot purchase individual Forever stamps since they only sell books of 20 nondenominational stamps. However, the cost is precisely the same as what you would have to pay at your neighbourhood US post office.

The fact that Price Chopper sells stamps at the same cost as USPS is a plus. Additionally, it is simple to locate stamps at a Price Chopper store. Stamps are available at the cashier’s or customer service desks. Simply purchase your stamps at a checkout counter.

Where to Find Price Chopper

In the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and the New England region, Price Chopper has 137 locations. Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are all part of this region.

Price Chopper

In New York, where Price Chopper was founded, 42 of the 137 locations are situated.
Although Price Chopper stores are open every day of the week, their hours may change depending on where they are located.

You can always phone Price Chopper’s customer service hotline to find out if there is a grocery store there. On their website, they also have a store locator feature.

The store locator will provide you with a map and the precise address of the closest Price Chopper store.

How many Price Choppers are there?

In the US, there are roughly 132 Price Chopper locations. A grocery store operated by Golub Corporation is called Price Chopper. The parent business of Price Chopper is Golub Corporation.

Thirty-two supermarkets are owned and operated by Golub Corporation. Furthermore, New England, Pennsylvania, and New York are home to most supermarkets.

How to find Price Chopper near me?

Locate the Price Chopper superstores that offer postage stamps using the map. You may now edit your search results as desired.

Supermarket grocery stores like Price Chopper carry the same kinds of goods that you’d find at your neighbourhood big-chain supermarket. They recently teamed up with the USPS to stock US postage stamps in their locations for the convenience of their customers. Use the map shown above or the store locator on the Price Chopper website to determine the location of the nearest one to you.

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You must go to a checkout agent or the customer service desk if you plan to buy stamps there. Postage stamps are not displayed among the groceries on the display shelves. You can always call ahead and ask if your neighbourhood Price Chopper sells postage if you are unsure.

Grocery Store Locations

In the states of Pennsylvania, New England, and New York, Price Choppers operates about 132 supermarkets. These regions include Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

Nearly 40 Price Chop grocery stores may be found in New York alone, where it was founded, accounting for almost 30% of all locations. The fact that Price Chopper food stores are open around-the-clock is a plus. Remember that the times may change depending on the neighbourhood and where the food store is located.

Can You Buy Stamps at Price Chopper?

Is Price Chopper a place where I can buy postage stamps? Yes, you may buy stamps in Price Chopper supermarkets or food stores. Purchasing stamps at a Price Chopper location is very similar to buying any other commodity. Simply inquire about stamps at the cashier’s counter or register. You will be charged for stamps when you check out. It’s as simple as paying and getting your stamps.

Price Chopper Sell Stamps

You technically cannot weigh your package there, for example. A simple trick is to weigh your package on a food scale if necessary. The number of stamps you will need to use can then be calculated.

If you’re wondering whether your neighbourhood Price Chopper sells stamps, you can check for a sizable blue label that says “First Class Stamps Sold Here” over the register. Additionally, messages promoting the ability to purchase stamps at the register will be made several times per day through the payment system.

 Types of Stamps Price Chopper Sells

Additionally, the nondenominational Forever stamps are available for purchase at Price Chopper.

You will need to look elsewhere if your demands are different. A nondenominational stamp is fantastic since you can use it in any circumstance.

In the store, stamps are handled exactly like any other shopping item. The only distinction is that you must ask for them at the counter.

At Price Chopper, packages cannot be weighed. But you may easily check the weight of your box by bringing it to the scale. You can determine the necessary number of stamps in this way.

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If you are unsure whether Stamps are available at your neighbourhood Price Chopper, look for a sizable blue label next to the cash register that reads “First Class Stamps.”

Can I weigh my Parcel at Price Chopper?

Keep in mind that a Price Chopper store does not allow you to weigh your package. But you can solve this issue by putting your package’s weight on the food scale. You can then determine how many stamps you’ll need.

What Does Price Chopper Sell?

Common products, which are typically purchased at a grocery shop, are sold at Price Chopper locations. They offer a variety of goods, including beer, frozen food, snacks, and meat and eggs.

ATMs, pharmacies, bottle recycling bins, and Coinstar machines are available at most of Price Chopper locations.

Additionally, the pricing at a Price Chopper store is comparable to those at many other retailers, such as Ralph’s, Kroger, and Giant.

About Price Chopper

The main office of the American supermarket business Price Chopper is in Schenectady, New York. Ben Golub and Bill Golub created it in 1932. At first, it was called Central Market. In 1973, they changed the name to Price Chopper.

Price Chopper

In addition, Golub Corporation is Price Chopper’s parent company. The Golub Corporation also runs stores under the Market 32 brand and Price Chopper establishments. By the time Price Chopper opened, its popularity had grown. A study from 2019 stated that they have 24000 employees and 3.5 billion in revenue.

Does Price Chopper Sell Stamps – FAQs


 Does the Price Chopper store have a senior discount?

  • No, senior discounts are not available at Price Chopper locations. They do, however, own a Senior AdvantEdge Card. For those over 60, this card is completely free. Additionally, all Price Chopper locations have service desks where you can get this card.

Who is Price Chopper owned by?

  • The Golub family owns price Chopper. The Golub family also runs other businesses under the names Market 32 and Market Bistro. In these stores around the nation, there are more than 25000 employees.

What locations sell stamps?

  • Stamps are available at almost all grocery stores, including Walmart, and at pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens. But these are only offered in large quantities, in the form of booklets. Additionally, you may buy stamps online from companies like Amazon or grocery stores.
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Why did Price Chopper change its name?

  • The chain stopped offering Green Stamps, lowered prices, and changed its name to “Price Chopper” to reflect this new approach. (The term “Central Market” is now utilised for both the floral section and an upscale house brand.) Throughout the 1970s, Price Chopper continued to expand by adding new locations and renovating existing ones.

Why Buy gift cards at Price Chopper?

  • When you purchase gift cards from Price Chopper for YOUR preferred merchants and then use them to pay for your holiday gifts, you will save even more money on gas!

How are stamps sold?

  • You can purchase stamps from’s online store, and they’ll surprise you by mailing them to you. Additionally, Amazon offers a huge selection of stamps for purchase online. Online orders for stamps can only be placed for sheets.

Does Price Chopper sell single stamps?

  • No, single stamps are not available at Price Chopper locations. But they only offer stamps in the form of 20-stamp books. Additionally, they only offer First-Class Forever stamps that are not denominational for the same cost as USPS.

  • Today, just a few Price Chopper stores still use this arrangement. Price Chopper updated its corporate logo, which featured an axe slicing into a coin, in the late 1980s. With a location in Poughkeepsie’s South Hills Mall, Price Chopper introduced an upgraded version of the Super Center format in 1993.

Our Verdict

Price Choppers are an excellent place to buy postage stamps because you can also buy various other items there. The fact that Price Chopper offers stamps at the same price as the US Postal Service is a plus.

But remember that they exclusively offer Forever stamps that are not denominational. They don’t sell single stamps either. Price Chopper is a great one-stop shop for stamps and other items overall.

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