Does Dollar General Sell Stamps?


Does Dollar General Sell Stamps?

Dollar General no longer sells stamps. Postage stamps aren’t available at dollar general. Dollar General Store includes various convenience advantages for consumers and buyers.

Clients can buy envelopes and tape for $4. Dollar General locations offer FedEx drop-off and get-directing.

 Dollar General Sell Stamps

Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid sell stamps. Postulate chains have diverse locales across the country, and you may find one in the same mall as Dollar General.

Does Dollar General Sell Postage Stamps :-Not at Dollar General. Our Where to Buy Stamps Guide lists more local stamp retailers.

Dollar General does sell shipping supplies, but not stamps (such as envelopes, boxes, tape, and more). Dollar General sells shipping and packing goods.

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Does Dollar General Sell Postage Supplies?

Dollar General stores are huge and sell everything. However, they don’t sell stamps.

They sell office clasp envelopes, boxes, bubble wrap, labels, padded envelopes, packaging tape, office security envelopes, and more.

They sell economical apparel, beauty products, pet supplies, groceries, and more.

Sponsorships About Dollar General

Since its debut season, the firm Dollar General has primarily sponsored Joe Gibbs Racing.

The Dollar General Company has had relationships with NASCAR and other racing for several years.

In some contests in 2010, Dollar General received funding. In 2010, Dollar General sponsored a competition that featured camping for the World Truck Series for Kyle Bus Motorsports.

Dollar general served as the title sponsor for the Nationwide Series races, which are held in Charlotte every fall. Additionally, Dollar General supported Brien Vickers’ 2013 national series as a sponsor.

Do Dollar General Stores Have FedEx?

FedEx is most frequently run by Dollar General Stores, allowing customers who buy their products to pick up or drop off the service. There are numerous procedures used in each store to carry out this work.

Suppose a consumer buys something from Dollar General and doesn’t like it. In that case, they can either return it within a particular time frame or they can’t.

FedEx outbound packages that are protected, under If you want to exchange something, send products back in their original packaging.

When returning an item that has been torn from its packaging, be sure to include the sealed packaging. Don’t take the tag off.

You must have your package’s FedEx tracking number if you pick it up from a delivery person. You must also own a photo ID card the government has granted.

FedEx won’t release any of the packages you purchased without any information. These cities, Oklahoma, Birmingham, and Tulsa, are popular with lawmakers. Together, they even passed laws forbidding The Dollar General Store.

Where Can I Find a Dollar General near me?

Dollar General was one of the top five US retailers by a number of stores in 2019. They operate more than 16000 stores around the country. This figure alone demonstrates how straightforward it will be to locate a store nearby.

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Additionally, you can visit their website to find out where the nearest Dollar General store is located. Simply enter your address, city, or Zipcode on the Store Locator page after browsing the website.

Simply click the search button after filling out the form, and the finder will then show you a map of the stores closest to you, along with their phone numbers and business hours.

The radius, store formats, and store services can also be filtered. The locator will give you information on only that particular format, product, or service when you select one of those options.

Is there a Dollar Store that Sells Postage Stamps?

No, postage stamps are not sold in every Dollar Store. But selling postage stamps in Dollar General stores seems convenient. Hopefully, the Dollar General shop leaders will collaborate with the USPS on it.

We have checked at two different brands of the most well-known Dollar stores, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, in a final effort to locate a Dollar General store that sells postal stamps.


Over the years, this enormous Dollar General Store grew larger and larger. However, it didn’t flee from oppositional debates and criticism. With 1500 locations, Dollar General started its stores with often highly processed packaged food.

The US rival stores started criticizing the General Dollar Store for their goods. General dollar stores don’t keep and sell fresh food or items, so this company offers bad food to underprivileged communities at low prices.

Dollar General History

America is home to the chain of stores known as Dollar General. J.L. Turner and Cal Turner created it in 1939. Furthermore, the Dollar General corporate office is located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Because it was once a family-run firm, it was known as J.L. Turner and Son. In 1955, the name was changed to Dollar General as time went on. It went public and was listed on the US stock market in 1968.

It is currently one of the most lucrative and successful retail chains in the US. Now, it employs more than 100,000 people nationwide. Additionally, they have made billions of dollars in sales from this store.

Which Alternative Retailers Sell Stamps?

In contrast to Dollar General, a lot of other big-box stores sell stamps; you can find them in the following locations or online:

  • Walmart 

  • Costco

  • Target 

  • CVS 

  • Walgreens 

  • United States Postal Service 

  • Amazon


Although Dollar General is a fantastic destination for many things, it is not a good place to buy postage stamps.

However, they also offer various shipping and mailing supplies, including tapes, pencils, bubble wrap, and envelopes.

A Dollar General store offers a wide range of goods at low costs, including groceries, pet supplies, beauty products, apparel, and pet supplies.

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Additionally, you can simply find a store close to you because they have many locations nationwide.

Except for postage stamps, Dollar General stores are often helpful for various goods.

Does Dollar General Sell Stamps – FAQs


How many dollars did they generally earn during the pandemic?

Before the pandemic season, it was clear that Dollar General Stores were expanding quickly. But 2019 was the first year that is known to have had all branded outlets closed.

Because the three stores were owned by Dollar General when they were permitted to open in America, the chain’s business was still prospering.

When and where did Dollar General Store open its first store?

On the first June of 1955, the first general store opened in Springfield and Kentucky.

The Great Dollar General Store opened its store for a reason. Nothing would be sold for more than one dollar when the store first opened.

Does Dollar General sell its brand only?

No! Stores like Dollar General ship both their own brand and the brands of other well-known retailers.

A distinctive chain of Dollar General stores has been created with other well-known national retailers like Coca-Cola, Energizer, and Gamble.

Most of their work is with Nestle, Mars, Unilever, Kimberly— Clark, Kellogg’s, Hanes, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, and General Mills.

Does Dollar General store sell Postage stamps?

Sadly, as of right now, Dollar General does not sell any kind of stamps. However, a few items are not sold in dollar general stores, including postage stamps.

What stores do sell Postage stamps?

Stamps are available almost everywhere that sells groceries, including Walmart, pharmacies like CVS, and Walgreens.

However, these are only offered in large quantities and come in booklet form. Online retailers like Amazon and grocery store websites also sell stamps.

Do they sell stamps at the Dollar General?

Unfortunately, this year The Great Dollar General Store hasn’t sold a wide choice of stamps throughout the stores.

United States stamps, also known as first-class stamps, are produced all around the country and are traded for very little money—roughly between $0.44 and $0.55 per stamp.

Does CVS sell stamps?

Yes. Stamps are sold by CVS.

Although they only sell a book of 20 stamps, they do not have the widest selection of symbols in the world, but they will still be of great assistance if you urgently require some. Let’s delve a little more into this.

Where stamps are sold?

You may order some via the US Postal Service’s website without having to set foot inside a post office, though it is a fine place to start.

Additionally, booklets of stamps are frequently available at pharmacies, grocery stores, and other retailers.

Can I buy stamps anywhere other than the Post Office?

If you notice the “Buy Stamps Here” emblem when you’re “out and about,” such as in your neighborhood supermarket, drug, convenience, or office supply store, you can purchase stamps there. Even in the ATMs and banks.

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What stores sell stamps?

Physical Retailers of Stamps American Postal Service two post offices for Royal Mail .

Three Walmart Supercenter locations four 7-Eleven 5 Grocery and Newsstands in Your Community Walgreens six 7 Pharmacy CVS 8 large retailers, including Food Lion, Tesco, Walmart, and Sainsbury’s.

Does Walgreens sell stamps?

Yes, the giant pharmacy chain known as Walgreens also sells stamps. Simply ask the cashier for a logo when you visit any Walgreens in your area. The straightforward response is that, yes, Walgreens does sell stamps.

Can you buy stamps at Walmart in the UK?

Be advised that UK banks do not sell postage stamps, so if you want to purchase stamps while visiting the UK, avoid doing so.

There is a Walmart store in practically every town or city. And yes, there is a Walmart nearby where you can get stamps.

Where Can I Find Dollar General?

A massive retail business known as Dollar General sells a wide range of goods at steep discounts.

They are also one of the franchises with the most significant geographic distribution in our nation, so it should be easy to find a place close to you.

Is there a Dollar Store that Sells Stamps?

In a last-ditch effort to locate a $1 store in the United States that sells postage stamps, we looked at two other brands of the most well-known Dollar stores, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.

What does Dollar General sell if not stamps?

Therefore, if you’re wondering what this top-tier retailer sells except stamps, the answer is pretty much anything else!

Dollar General stores offer various reasonably priced goods, from clothes and pet supplies to food and beauty products.

How to find Dollar General store near my house?

In light of this, you may simply go online, access the Dollar General website page, and use the Shop Locator feature to get the location of the nearest store to your home.

When was Dollar General founded?

Since James Luther Turner and Cal Turner controlled the company as a family, the original name of Dollar General was J.L. Turner and Son.

In 1955, the name was later changed to Dollar General, and the first store opened. Dollar General became public and was listed on the stock market in 1968.

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